god's love shown to the least of these

It all started with a phone call. On 12/29/17 our church was asked if we would open our doors to those who are out in the cold without anywhere to go. Our leadership team unanimously said, "Yes". That night we welcomed our first 5 guests to our warming center. 

Since we opened our doors as a warming shelter in 2017 we have helped nearly 700 individuals. In the 2022/2023 winter season we will open our doors beyond a warming shelter (usually November-March) to a shelter that is open all year round. Our desire is to not only provide shelter but also help people get on their feet. We have helped many people get ID's, jobs, vehicles and homes. God called us to it and He continues to provide for it! 

You can give directly to the shelter ministry by using the link below!


You can also donate by mail:

Family Life

P.O. Box 265

Mt. Vernon, IL. 62864

current needs list

If you are interested in giving to this ministry here are some items we can use all of the time. 


  1. Sleeping Bags

  2. Pillows

  3. Hair Brushes

  4. Combs

  5. Razors

  6. Toilet Paper

  7. Paper Towels

  8. Disposable Plates

  9. Disposable Bowls

  10. Disposable Cups

  11. Disposable Silverware

  12. Laundry Soap

  13. Dryer Sheets

  14. Dish Soap

  15. Trash Bags 13gal / 35gal

  16. Cleaning Supplies

  17. Lysol

  18. Hand Sanitizer

  19. Women Socks

Food Item Suggestions

  1. Family Packs Meat

  2. Boxed food (Mac & Cheese, stuffing, rice, etc)

  3. Canned Meat

  4. Canned Soup (No Vegetable)

  5. Spaghetti Sauce / Alfredo Sauce

  6. Noodles

  7. Chicken / Beef Broth

  8. Tomato Sauce

  9. Water